Your Challenge...

Imagine you are a student from another country and you have just visited Australia with your family for the very first time. Your family is thinking of moving to Australia next year and you want to learn as much as you can about the country before you move.
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You can't wait to share what you have learnt with your classmates.Your mission is to report back to your class about what you have discovered.

Your focus question is: What is Australia's national identity?

In groups of 4 or 5, you will gather information to go into a 10 minute presentation that helps your classmates understand -what is Australia's national identity.

You have also have been given the task of designing the national symbols of Australia. You will need to submit a new flag, anthem, and national colours that encompass what you think it is to be Australian.

Your success will be evaluated on:
  • Your understanding of what is Australia's national identity.
  • How well this is reflected in your presentation.
  • The quality of information you have collected in your group journal.
  • How well you have worked as a team and shared the workload.
  • The work put into your final presentation.

Your work will be displayed in an expo at the end of the unit. Where parents, family members, teachers, and other students will be invited to come and see your ideas. Your teachers will be on the lookout for the most eye catching and unique presentations to share out the following end of term school assembly for the junior years.
Now over to you!
It's time to form your groups of 4 or 5!! Remember to make smart choices, include everyone, and think about who you work well with. Once your groups are approved collect your group journal from your teacher.

When you are ready click on the link below or the process heading on the left to see the tasks you need to complete. 

Good luck!

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