Take a minute to look around you. What can you see? What do you notice about your fellow peers? Look at the picture on the homepage.

I am sure that even by just having a quick look around you can see that Australia is a country that has different cultures, people, and images. Many important events and the people have shaped how we see ourselves as a nation. We call this is our national identity.

During this unit of work you will be investigating the different elements that make up our national identity. This will help you understand what makes us truly unique as Australians.

Now watch the below clip to get you into the spirit of being Australian. While you are watching it have a think about:
  • What makes being an Australian special?
  • What are some of Australia's national symbols?
  • How does this video make you proud to be an Australian?

Make sure you write down some dot points. Your ideas will be shared with the class.

We Are Australian

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