At the beginning of this activity, you were asked about What is Australia's National Identity? Did you discover it? What were the unique feautures that you found? Did everyone on your team have the same or similar understandings? How did you answer the focus question for this WebQuest?

You deserve a lot of praise for all the work you've done. And so does your brain. You gained background information, developed expertise in one particular area and got into some pretty expert analysis. At times, you must have felt confused with ideas spinning every which way. That's normal when you're building new mental connections. It's funny, with each link between what you already knew and the new learning going on, you broke another different kind of link. How will you use these ideas and research strategies as you continue to grow and learn? Maybe as a class we could go on different journeys to focus and research different countries and the differences in contrast to ours. It's all up to you. Good luck.

To conclude our journey to discover the meaning of Australia’s national identity I would like to use the words of Paul Kelly who is an Australian author and journalist. He spoke these words in a television documentary called One Hundred Years – The Australian Story that is a series about the Centenary of Federation of Australia 2001 and I agree with him when he said:

"Australia is country that has re-invented itself. This is its major achievement."

    • "This is a changing and unfolding story. Australia is a place of people from many different countries living in harmony – and I think this is its main identity."

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