Activity 8: Every Picture Tells a Story...

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We Are Learning To:
Develop strategies for 'reading' (viewing) the illustrations/ photographs to uncover layers of meaning. Understand how meanings, values and attitudes can be conveyed through different artistic techniques. Develop skills of empathy and compassion as well as being able to put ourselves in the shoes of those in the photo whether it be an animal, person, place or thing. We are trying to expand on our art communication and appreciation.

What is art?
Art is a form of communication. Say "communication." It is made to show people what you are thinking
or feeling. What would you draw if you were happy, sad, angry, etc? What are the art elements?
Art elements are like ingredients in a cake. Artists put them together to make a work of art. Below is a few words to remind you about the elements of art we have been focusing on this year:


Your Task:
Look at the painting and photographs in some of the links below. You may look wider if you wish to find a picture that you feels has sentiment in your search for Australias national identity. Think about the following for your chosen piece:
  • What is going on in this painting?
  • What makes you say that?
  • What more can you find?
  • What art elements do you see?
  • What time of day/weather/place
  • Who do you see?
  • Who or what else might come in to the picture?
  • What do you recognise?

Talk about the art piece with your group, how do your friends feel about the picture. Close your eyes and try placing yourself in amongst the action. What are some of the smells, sights and sounds? How do you feel? Don't forget to use your eyes, ears, nose and heart pictures to guide your response.

Focus questions:

How does this work of art make you feel?

What do you think about this work of art?

What do you think is the story of this work of art?

Photo: Aborigines dancing
Photo: Aborigines dancing

Below is a video on one of our most important art forms, dating back to pre settlement. These story art works are creations of the original people of this unique land we all call home. Watch and be inspired...

Helpful Resources:

CONGRATULATIONS! You have completed all your activities!
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