Activity 7: Ozzy, Ozzy, Ozzy Save that Date! (1 lesson)

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We Are Learning To:
Read our calendars better and understand key cultural dates exclusive to Australia. Being able to use a calendar for organisational purposes and to mark out periods of time and seasonal changes.
Your Task:
In groups you will need to create a calander for the year 2012. Dates that are unique to Australia will need to be included. Also include important holiday periods for the school year and daylight savings reminders. Click on the template below to get started. Please include a short description of the memorable or celebratory days that are purely Australian, this is so that any one who is not fom our country will be able to get some understanding of the importance of that particular date in the upcomming year.

Success Criteria:
  • Identification of various dates unique to Australia and our Nation
  • Public Holidays, daylight savings and memorable celebratory days
  • Include a short description of the particular date you are adding to your calendar so that a person unfamiliar with our National days would have some understanding.

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