Activity 5: Our National Flag: Symbolism, colour and design (2 lessons)

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Aboriginal/Australian flag
Aboriginal/Australian flag

We Are Learning To:
Understand the symbolic and historical meaning of our flag. Do you think that this current flag is still a true representative of our Australia as a nation? Or has it passed its effectiveness as our Countries mascot given what we have learnt about what actually makes Australia unique?

Your Task:
On January 1, 1901, this flag was was chosen from about 30,000 entries in a public contest. Annie Whistler Dorrington, Ivor Evans, Leslie John Hawkins, Egbert John Nuttal, and Perth and William Stevens were declared winners of the design contest. It was officially adopted as the Australian flag in 1953. Your task is to design a new more encompassing and inclusive Australian flag to better represent our diverse nation and rich Aboriginal heritage. Make sure you draw inspiration from our National colours, symbols and emblems.
In groups you will design and make a new flag to enter in our class competition. Pay careful attention to symbolism, colour scheme and design as you will need to explain to the selection panel (your class teachers) as to the meaning behind your flag proposal.

Success Criteria:
  • Identification of the three main elements of the flag
  • Understanding of the symbolic meaning of the flag and it's historical link to Great Britain
  • Procedures surrounding the flying of our National flag
  • Recognition and appreciation of the Australian Aboriginal flag, its history and designer
  • Discovery of other Australian flags and their meaning (The Queen's personal flag, the Governor General flag, The Eureka flag, State and Territory flags)
  • Working coopertaviely as a team member

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