Activity 3: Australia over time (2 lesson)

We Are Learning To:
  • Understand how Australia has changed over time.
  • Create our own timeline that shows events in chronological order.
  • Show Australia's history on a timeline.

First I want you to think about how your personal identity may change as you get older. What events and experiences might change you? Think about changes in your looks, attitudes, role in the community etc.
Individual write a timeline about your life over the past 5 years. Think of important events that have happened to you. Be creative, don't just write your birthday every year (even though this is definately an important event). Remember a timeline is a way of displaying a list of events in chronological (or sequential) order. You can choose to display your timeline in anyway. If you are stuck you can use this timeline template as a guide, put it vertically or horizontally - it's up to you!

Now it's time to explore how Australia has changed over time.

Your task: In your group create a timeline that shows the key historic events that have shaped Australian over time. Obviously there are lots of historical event that have changed our nation, but your job is to select the events that you think are the most important. Choose around 15 - 25 events to put in your timeline, if you have time feel free to put in more. You will need to present your timeline to the class, so make sure you can justify why you this the event is important to Australia as a nation.

Here is a document that shows you the key historical events in Australia since 1688, you can use this as a start, but make sure you do some of your own research too.


Sucess Criteria:
  • Show an understanding on how Australia has changed overtime
  • Create a timeline that displays key historical event in Australia in chronological order (at least 15 historical events).
  • Work cooperatively as a team and share the work.


Good Resources:
Important dates in Australia:
Timeline of historial events in Australia:

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