Activity 2: What it means to be Australian (1 lesson)

We Are Learning To: understand what it means to be 'Australian'

What does it me to be Australian to you? Discuss with the person sitting next to you.

Watch the clip below - this is what Bruce Woodley and Dobe Newton thinks it means to be Australian

'I Am Australian'
Lyrics by Bruce Woodley and Dobe Newton, written in 1987 music by Bruce Woodley

Click here for the lyrics to 'I am Australan'

Your task: In your groups you will need to unpack the meaning behind each verse of Bruce Woodley and Dobe Newton's song ' I am Australian.' First go through each verse and discuss what / which Australian's they referring to. The video gives you some good clues., but make sure you do some additional research to find out more - eg who was Albert Namatjira? Once you have a good understand about each verse, you will need to pick three verses of your groups favourite verses to focus on. For each of your chosen verses you will need to create a Australian identity card on a A5 sheet of paper to make a class Australian identity mural. On each card you will need to write creative title that highlights what the verse is about in a few words, a few sentences that summarises the main point behind the verse, and you will need to decorate it and draw some colourful pictures on it that are relevant to your verse.
Challenge - create a group identity card that summaries what you group thinks it means to be Australian.

Sucess Criteria:
  • Understand the different factors that make Australian's special
  • Understand the meaning behind the song 'I am Ausrtalian'
  • Create at three identiy cards that summarises the meaning behind three verses
  • Work cooperatively as a group, and share the work


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