Activity 1: What does national identity mean? (1 lesson)

We Are Learning To:
  • Understand what 'national identity' means
  • Identify the key factors that make up Australia's national identity

Before you can understand what 'national identity' means first have a think about what 'nation' and 'identity' means seperately. Discuss with the person sitting next to you.

What gives a country its identity? Think about what special things might give Australia it's national identity. Watch the latest Australia Tourism Ad below. It may give you some clues.

Now pretend that the person sitting next to you has never been to Australia before. Tell them a few things that makes Australia unique. Why is there nothing like Australia?

Your task: In your group you will need to discuss what you think Australia's national identitiy is. To help you do this create a mind map that shows your understanding on what makes up a countries national identity. As a starting point think about the below headings to include in your mind map, can you think of other things that may shape Australia's national identity? Keep in mind that national identity is as a person's sense of belonging to a nation. It's formed by common points in people's lives like national symbols, culture, music, food, and language. Look at the picture below for some more ideas. You can create your mind map on Webspiration, or you can use poster paper and art material provided by your teacher.
  • Symbols
  • Traditions / Customs
  • Icons
  • People
  • Food
  • Sport
  • Celebrations
Sucess Criteria:
  • Understand what national identity means
  • Understand the different elements that make up Australia's national identity.
  • Be able to create a quality mind map using Webspiration, or by using poster paper.
  • Work cooperatively as a group, and share the work.


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